07 May 2006

Too Dry or Too Cold

Sorry, I've been out of town lately. Not much paddling going on in Tucson, AZ. Every river that I saw was dry. The only water that I was in, was a swimming pool (no kayaks allowed). Beautiful scenery though. Flowers were in bloom everywhere.
I did get out and paddle today, here at home. Three hours on my usual lake. Past the yacht club, with their little sailboats slowly starting to appear around their dock, and then on down to the county park beach to practice some bracing and edging control. I did see some teen-agers out swimming on the lake today, no fancy cold water clothing, just swim suits. I still think it is too cold, but maybe I can try a solo roll sometime soon, if the weather keeps warming. First practicing hip-snaps off a dock, then with a paddle float, and most likely with a wet-exit following shortly there after, but I think it may be the only way I will get my roll. Just have to keep trying. Its good to be home, with a whole summer in front of me.


Anonymous said...

Great Pics Richard.

Too bad you're a couple hours (or less?) away I'd love to help you out on your roll.

I'm over in Saugatuck (a bit south of Holland). We have a pretty little lake that warms up quick.

Matt Johnson

Richard said...

Hey Matt,

I'll keep Saugatuck in mind this summer. I don't think it is too far to drive for a roll. I drove to Kalamazoo two weeks ago just to meet an old college room-mate for dinner and a Bell's Winter Wheat Ale.

Matthew Keller said...

I'm an Oberon man, myself! It must be that K-Zoo water!

Matthew Keller said...
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Peggy said...

Nice pictures! Love the great blue heron in an earlier post. The rose picture is perfect. Enjoyed reading the blog, I'll be back...