31 March 2006

Latest Greenland Paddle Work

I have a paddle now! This picture shows the end after I roughed out the contours.
Here is a picture showing more of the contours after roughing out.
Here the ends are trimmed and rough sanding has been started. The random orbital sander, loaded with 60 grit, does wonders for smoothing out the planer marks and true-ing up the edges. I still need to thin the tips some more. It's not perfect, but it is all mine. It really is cool to hold something in my hands that I made myself.

29 March 2006

The Incipient Kid

I got the title for this post from Bonnie.

Pretty cool huh? I'm getting a little excited.

28 March 2006

More Greenland Paddle

My Greenland paddle is progressing nicely. Here it is after roughing out with the bandsaw.
Here after I cleaned up the edges, and started to layout contour lines. Next step will be to knock the corners off. It is even starting to feel like a paddle.

27 March 2006

Greenland Paddle

I am making a Greenland paddle. I took Matthew Keller's advice and building it myself. The instructions at QajaqUSA are very good, and the video by Matt Johnson really fills in the gaps. This is a really ugly 2x12, with one good edge.
Now its a pretty decent 2x4.
The jack plane is my friend, a rather stubborn and obnoxious friend, but in the end my new friend.
Tapered to 1/2" at both ends.
Layout for cutting.

More pictures to follow in the days to come.

Little Projects

Here is a little project, that has been keeping me busy. I had to retrieve this from my sister's house, and then assemble it. Look's pretty official now, doesn't it?

Sick Day

Ok, so what do you do in March, in Michigan, when its snowing outside, and you have the flu? You watch the Weather channel, and read Wenley of course.
I have a little proof that spring is on its way though.

I'm sorry

I'm sorry that I have not been blogging lately. We've been really busy lately, and the flu didn't help either. Three in the morning and a dehydrated expecting mother is a little nerve wracking. Everything turned out all right and everyone is doing well now. The sleep-less nights have already started.

11 March 2006

I'm gonna be a dad!

Whoa, look what I did. It's pretty cool, we are both excited. I'm sure that there will be plenty of more pictures and news to follow in the next days, weeks, months, and years. Woohoo, I'm gonna be a dad!

10 March 2006


That's a pretty dramatic title for a rather sublime picture. It rained last night, and the ice was gone this morning - yippie!

07 March 2006


The forecast for the next few days is: Unseasonably warm, and rain. Supposed to be near 60 deg F. That should get rid of the rest of the ice on the lakes. Can't come soon enough for me.

The above picture is a view of my backyard. It will change soon though. The woods is owned by a builder, and it is for sale - only after he builds a house on it. Urban sprawl is a huge problem, and this neighbor of mine is perpetuating the problem by building a house first, and then looking for a buyer.

Oh well, everything changes - seasons, views, neighbors.