30 December 2005


My friends and family always seem to know exactly what I want for Christmas. They are painfully aware that I like the outdoors. So they get me gift cards to stores that specialize in outdoor gear. Truth is, they don't have a clue what to get me, but they know I am happy with the gift cards. So this year I picked out a couple of cool items.

Snowshoes are something that I have wanted for awhile. So I picked out a pair for a large heavy person, and now I plan to try to get some fresh air and exercise this winter, while changing the scenery a little bit. This picture of me, was taken by my brother a couple of years ago. I plan to day-hike sections of the same trail this winter until its warm enough to paddle again. This trail is about 47 miles long one way, and is maintained by a local Boyscout troop. I have walked its entirety once before, in sections, both ways, on weekend afternoons.

I also bought a Tilley hat, because I need to stop burning the tops of my ears when I paddle.

I also got a new tow-belt for kayaking.

I also bought both of the DVD's This is the Sea and This is the Sea 2, and I have been watching them non-stop. It's cool to see people that I have met and paddled with, paddling on a world famous video production.

20 December 2005


I like blogs with pictures. Here's a nice blog with some great pictures. I wish I could paddle in Michigan, in December, on a river, while wearing shorts. The ice fishermen have been out on my local lakes, the water here is very hard.
Above is a picture of my friend Barry at Drummond Island.

05 December 2005

We Interrupt This Winter....

Just day-dreaming about paddling. Miners Castle, Lake Superior.

02 December 2005

Will You Marry Me?

I am reminded of an advertisement that I saw once, it said: "Ask her to marry you again." Of course this ad was referring to a three stone anniversary ring, but I liked the thought of the surprise and romance and joy that would bring. So I am going to do just that, right here and right now. "Yvette, will you marry me?"

01 December 2005

A Happy Birthday

I celebrated my birthday with my fiance on 29 November 2005. First thing in the morning Yvette gave me my birthday present, a shiny new Pentax Optio WP, now I can be a proper kayaker/photo-blogger. We then drove a couple hours north to Mt. Pleasant, Michigan and visited the casino where I converted $100 in twenties into $80 in quarters. Yvette didn't fare as well, but didn't lose her entire $100 either. We then went to a nice "brew pub" that was recommended by my good friend Don the Pit Boss, where I had the Cajun chicken fettuccini and a Cow Catcher Amber Ale and Yvette had the BBQ brisket , garlic mashed potatoes and water. Afterwards we went to the movie theater and saw "Walk the Line". I do enjoy spending birthdays with someone special.

25 November 2005

Roses for My Sweetheart

Some roses for my sweetheart, because I was being a stupid guy. We've all been there, no need to mention specifics. She loves me and I love her very much. I am very lucky to have her. Only 14 days till the wedding, and I'm getting very excited.....I think she is excited also. =8-}

22 November 2005

Me in My Gulfstream

Another picture taken with a disposable camera. I handed it to my friend Barry to snap my picture. We were at Drummond Island last year. The old timer fishermen kept telling us that they had never seen the bay so calm. It made for some great paddling.

21 November 2005

More My Speed

Yeah, this is more my speed. I actually took this picture several years ago, when I was still paddling my Perception Carolina. It is on one of my favorite local lakes. Not a bad picture for a disposable camera. It doesn't have any bright colors, or a captivating subject, must be I got the composition right.

20 November 2005

What Kind of Kayaker am I?

Yep, that's me. I was very focused on what was coming up next, can't ya tell? Only went swimming twice that day. I think I like paddling a sea kayak on flat water a lot better. I wanted to push my boundaries a little, so my brother and I took a whitewater class with ACE Adventure. I would highly recommend them. I learned a lot in 5 days, and actually paddled on world class whitewater. But I was terrified the whole time. I very much like to slow down, and see the sights, take some pictures, go for walk through the woods or down the beach. I am not the kind of paddler that you see in this picture. I can make that statement now, because I pushed my limits and tried it once.

14 November 2005

Deer Eve

Tomorrow is the opener for Michigan's regular firearm deer season. I have the day off from work and high hopes. Maybe I'll get lucky again.

13 November 2005

Engaged 13 November 2004

One year ago today, I proposed to my fiance. This is a picture of us in Tortola BVI taken last February. Only 26 days till the wedding.

11 November 2005

09 November 2005

Another Long Cold Winter

I fear that I have paddled for the last time this season. It's starting to get much too cold for me to be messing around in such an unforgiving place as a kayak. Just a long winter to look forward to. On the bright side though, the holiday season and my wedding will get me through to the new year, and then the honeymoon to Hawaii. Only a couple of months after that till warmer weather again.

Above is a picture of a 300 year old oak. It is dead now, hasn't produced any leaves for a couple of years, but I liked the picture it presented me in the mist. It is located only a few miles from my house, and a number of my favorite paddling lakes.

07 November 2005

Gaff Rig

I have a neat picture of a gaff rig sailing on Lake Michigan. I like sailboats, but I don't know anything about sailing. I've heard that sailing is the next progression from kayaking, or is that regression? I saw this one about a month ago, while on a romantic drive with my fiance. We spent the day at the beach and then went to a nice restaurant for her birthday.

04 November 2005

My First Post

This may be more of a photo blog than anything. Only time will tell.