01 December 2005

A Happy Birthday

I celebrated my birthday with my fiance on 29 November 2005. First thing in the morning Yvette gave me my birthday present, a shiny new Pentax Optio WP, now I can be a proper kayaker/photo-blogger. We then drove a couple hours north to Mt. Pleasant, Michigan and visited the casino where I converted $100 in twenties into $80 in quarters. Yvette didn't fare as well, but didn't lose her entire $100 either. We then went to a nice "brew pub" that was recommended by my good friend Don the Pit Boss, where I had the Cajun chicken fettuccini and a Cow Catcher Amber Ale and Yvette had the BBQ brisket , garlic mashed potatoes and water. Afterwards we went to the movie theater and saw "Walk the Line". I do enjoy spending birthdays with someone special.

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