30 December 2005


My friends and family always seem to know exactly what I want for Christmas. They are painfully aware that I like the outdoors. So they get me gift cards to stores that specialize in outdoor gear. Truth is, they don't have a clue what to get me, but they know I am happy with the gift cards. So this year I picked out a couple of cool items.

Snowshoes are something that I have wanted for awhile. So I picked out a pair for a large heavy person, and now I plan to try to get some fresh air and exercise this winter, while changing the scenery a little bit. This picture of me, was taken by my brother a couple of years ago. I plan to day-hike sections of the same trail this winter until its warm enough to paddle again. This trail is about 47 miles long one way, and is maintained by a local Boyscout troop. I have walked its entirety once before, in sections, both ways, on weekend afternoons.

I also bought a Tilley hat, because I need to stop burning the tops of my ears when I paddle.

I also got a new tow-belt for kayaking.

I also bought both of the DVD's This is the Sea and This is the Sea 2, and I have been watching them non-stop. It's cool to see people that I have met and paddled with, paddling on a world famous video production.


FH2O said...

Happy New Year Richard!
And happy trekking in your new snowshoes!

Richard said...

Thanks Fh2o. Happy new year to you too. I would still rather be paddling.