02 January 2006

Indoor Archery

Indoor Archery season has begun. Another of my favorite distractions. I get to "hang with the guys" and try to prove myself the better archer. This is a "traditional league" meaning sticks and strings only. No machines of any kind, and no sights, instinctive shooting only. We are not very serious shooters, and we do try to have a lot of fun, but everyone in the photo appears to be concentrating very hard. It is only the first week! 12 weeks of this will help pass the time until warmer weather melts the ice.


FH2O said...

Pl don't shoot us! We can't help it that its warm weather 24/7 everyday of the year here ... ;o)
(better run away fast now!)

Ignacio-Wenley Palacios said...

I played indoor archery too while in the Barcelona University. I was known to be a danger for mates and club equipment, yet I enjoyed the sport.

Tillerman said...

Wow - that looks like a fun thing to do in the winter.