26 May 2008


Just got back and settled in from the West Michigan Coastal Kayaker's Association Symposium. Here is a link to a few of my photos. Above is Derrick, describing how big......something was. Getting late, gotta go, enjoy the photos, I plan to add some in the days to come.

06 May 2008

First Time Out

Self Portrait
This season anyway. Last night was perfect paddling weather. I paddled on the little lakes near the house for about an hour and a half. Drifted a lot too, just listening to the geese. Almost had the lake to myself, just a little fishing boat way off to the southwest. Found a tick while I was paddling. The big brown kind, some call em dog ticks or wood ticks, anyway not the little deer ones with lime disease. He hadn't dug in yet, so I flicked him out into the water, fish food I hope. I hate the things, every time I find one, they give me the creepy crawlies for the next day or two. Speaking of itches. Silbs has a good post today. Every time I read about rolling, I get the itch. It always sounds so simple when you read about rolling. Then when you try it, you seem to forget everything that you were thinking was going to work. I have plans to clean up my extended paddle sweep roll at the WMCKA symposium over Memorial weekend. Lots of great talent and knowledge there to draw upon. May have to see if my roll still works this month before I go. It was dependable but ugly the last time I rolled, and it has been awhile. There's that itch again.

01 May 2008

Symposium Time

I made it onto the front page of The West Michigan Coastal Kayaker Association's web page. This is a picture that was taken at the 2006 symposium. I'm the good looking guy in the middle with the blue ball cap and sun glasses. That's Simon Osborne on the right.

I just got the OK from my wife yesterday to go again this year. She was scheduled to work on Sunday night to Monday, but was over-staffed. I don't know how many times I will get to go in the next few years with the little ones under foot, so I am going to make the best of this year. The kids program at this symposium is one of the best, but only for kids between 7 and 12 years of age, so it will be at least six years before Maddie is ready, and seven before Claire is ready. I say under foot with tongue in cheek, I do love my kids and really enjoy spending time with them.
Mountain Biker
Here is a photo of Maddie and myself on the bike tonight. Finally got the seat, and a helmet that fits, and then some warm temps, so that we could try it out. Now all we need is a small kayak and a short paddle.