17 January 2006


We're back from our honeymoon! We spent a week on the island of Kauai. The weather was beautiful, about 80F for a high every day with a nice breeze to make it feel real comfortable. We took in all of the sights with all of the standard excursions: Boat ride to Na Pali coast, where we saw humpback whales, spinner dolphins, and green sea turtles. A great Luau with front row seats. A presentation of the musical "South Pacific". I even got to do a little kayaking. Yvette doesn't paddle, and really wanted to have a spa day, so we went our separate ways for a couple of hours. I took a guided tour up the Wailua river 2 miles and then a hike into the jungle another mile to "Secret Falls" where the group ate lunch and swam under the falls. Our guide provided a detailed explanation of the flora and fauna, including both native species and those pesky non-native species brought there by man. We also spent plenty of time at the beach and around the hotel pool trying to darken up our pasty-white office tans. We used plenty of SPF 30, so as not to burn, but then didn't get very tan either. Oh well, I guess you're not really supposed to get a tan on your honeymoon anyway, right? ;-}

05 January 2006

Der Reckoning

Oh the joy. Four cavities requiring fillings, one broken tooth requiring a crown, two impacted wisdom teeth, the other two wisdom teeth are crowding their neighbors, and one of them is rotting away, all four requiring extraction.........Serves me right for not seeing a dentist in a very long time.

Oh yeah, and I need to stop grinding my teeth.

02 January 2006

Indoor Archery

Indoor Archery season has begun. Another of my favorite distractions. I get to "hang with the guys" and try to prove myself the better archer. This is a "traditional league" meaning sticks and strings only. No machines of any kind, and no sights, instinctive shooting only. We are not very serious shooters, and we do try to have a lot of fun, but everyone in the photo appears to be concentrating very hard. It is only the first week! 12 weeks of this will help pass the time until warmer weather melts the ice.