09 November 2005

Another Long Cold Winter

I fear that I have paddled for the last time this season. It's starting to get much too cold for me to be messing around in such an unforgiving place as a kayak. Just a long winter to look forward to. On the bright side though, the holiday season and my wedding will get me through to the new year, and then the honeymoon to Hawaii. Only a couple of months after that till warmer weather again.

Above is a picture of a 300 year old oak. It is dead now, hasn't produced any leaves for a couple of years, but I liked the picture it presented me in the mist. It is located only a few miles from my house, and a number of my favorite paddling lakes.


Don said...

these are some great photos, except the one of you and your grizzly adams beard ;) Try running. give your arms a rest, also your cold weather gear doesn't have to be waterproof so is much cheaper.

If she will marry you with that bear you can't miss!


Richard said...

She likes the beard better when I keep it trimmed to a goatee. This time of year, I am inclined to let it grow. Probably should have it neetly trimmed for the wedding.