24 May 2006

Dead is Forever.

WOW, Hillary is right.

I sometimes see people while out paddling and wonder about their apparent disregard for others. The ones I wonder about are usually the ones on Jet-skis or powerboats, going way too fast. I have wondered if anyone would ever notice or help if I needed it.

I wonder how those climbers can look themselves in the mirror?

I read a statistic yesterday that said 49% of Americans said they would not seek evacuation assistace in the face or wake of a hurricane if it meant they would have to abandon their pet.

I can't believe anyone would just leave a person to die.

Sorry no picture today either, maybe next time.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Richard have a good time up at the Symposium this weekend.

Kieth Wikle is stopping by on his way up to get those toy harpoons. We never had a chance to see how they would work but I'm just hoping they stay together. I'll keep my fingers crossed. I won't be going although I might stop in.

But anyway you'll have fun, it's a good group of folks.