24 May 2006

OK, Here's Some Pictures

Here is a picture of an old dilapidated bridge crossing the channel not far from my house. I took this picture on Saturday morning, the first real sunny day after almost two straight weeks of rain. Just a picture of the much needed sunshine.
Some daisies in the back yard.
Here is a wonderful photo of my lovely wife, practicing to be a mommy with her new 8 week old niece Emma.

Tomorrow night after work I will have to pack all my gear for the WMCKA symposium.

Now it's my turn to say: "Gone Paddling" =8-}


FH2O said...

Nice pics especially the last one!

Enjoy the WMCKA symposium. I'm jealous! ;)

bonnie said...

Ha ha! I was just thinking of asking how Yvette was doing, we haven't had a baby update in a while - not that it's any of our business really!

She looks HAPPY!