19 May 2006

My Pentax Optio WP is Fixed!

I just got my Pentax Optio WP back from service. The best advice that I can give to anyone who owns a Pentax camera, is to save the receipt. All of the repairs done to my camera were covered under the warranty, but if I would not have had the receipt, it would have cost me $127. So far it works great again, so I will keep taking it with me when I go kayaking, and I will keep posting its performance in the future.


Marek said...

What happened to your Pentax Optio WP?

Richard said...

The view screen just stopped working. I could toggle through all of the different views and options, and could see all of the menus, but not see the object that I wanted to take a picture of. When I snapped a picture, the camera acted as if everything was OK, including sound and flash, but only a black image was stored. Pentax fixed it under warranty after I provided a copy of the receipt.

FH2O said...

Glad to hear this! :)