29 May 2006

Back from WMCKA Symposium

I have lots of news.

The weather was fantastic. Sunny, with air temps in the high 80's and humid, but it made getting into the water a lot easier, than years past.

I was able to sucessfully roll several times this morning. Doug Van Doren was able to talk me over the hump and I was able to perform about a half dozen extended paddle rolls without any help.

I took two classes with my new Greenland paddle which made using it much more productive.

I also got a chance to take a class with Alex Pak, and talk with Derrick Mayoleth.

Here are some pictures of Derrick working on his blog.

Just because we don't get to see how hard he works on his blog.

I'll post more pictures from the symposium in the coming days.


Matthew Keller said...

CONGRATS ON THE ROLL!! It's a great feeling, isn't it? I think it changes the way I feel on the water. I just have more confidence.

I went for a five mile paddle on Sunday. I was paddling by a dock where some girls were out sunbathing. I was about 25 yards offshore and I thought " good time to show off my roll". I went around, leaned back , and missed it! I got back into position and rolled so hard I window shaded! I had to wet exit and I was embarrassed! I did a reentry without my paddle float which was impressive to me but I am sure the babes thought it all looked rediculous!

I thought you might get a kick out of that. The moral, practice a ton before showing off in front of the chicks. :)

derrick said...


Nice to see you there! Not sure how hard I was working. . . notice that bottle of Corona. . .

Richard said...


Thanks. I felt like I was on a cloud for the rest of the day. I liked my Gulfstream a lot before, but now I really like it. When I paddled it the rest of the day, I had a great deal more confidence putting it on edge. I know that I still need to practice and learn a bunch more, so I am not going to let the confidence become a danger to me either.