22 June 2006

Platte River Camp - Sleeping Bear Dunes


Peggy said...

Hi--Enjoyed reading your blog! Nice camping pictures. Congrats on the baby!

Happy paddling!


Matthew Keller said...

I wish I knew you were there! I would have dropped by to introduce myself (assuming I wasn't working). I love that area. My wife and I used to kayak down that river together. Lots of fun! We haven't been kayaking together much since Ava was born. She is worth it though. Ava ran up to me all proud this week because she can show me where her nose is. I have never been more excited. It seems trivial but it isn't trivial to her. She is proud and claps for herself every time she shows me. Hilarious.

We love the pictures. Keep us informed on how she's doing.


bonnie said...

Ha. I've been daydreaming about how nice a few days unwinding on the Manistee River would be lately. We made a side trip to Sleeping Bear Dunes from up there one time. Very neat area.