13 June 2006

Kona Hoss

I rode my bike tonight. I haven't been riding lately. I don't know why, I just haven't. I need to ride more often. It hurts now, and yet it feels good too.

I've been reading Silbs Says, and noting that his back has been hurting lately too. This weekend mine was killing me, but now it is starting to feel better, as long as I keep moving. If I have to sit still for a long time, I stiffen up, and it takes a little while to get fully straight again. The bike ride helped me get all of my muscles warmed up and my back wasn't hurting then, but since I got home, and tried to relax, its stiff again, but its getting better.

I hate getting old.

Maybe tomorrow I will go paddling.


Hans said...

Hi richard!

Welcome to the club of the hurting back. Man simply isn't made for sitting and hanging around whole day. The problem is most of us are supposed to do just that almost every day from 9 to 5...

In the periods I suffer a stiff back, kayaking is a good excercise, brings relief: so get out on the water!
(I like biking too, but kayaking feels better for my back).

Matthew Keller said...

I also just started riding again. I don't remember my butt aching that bad when I used to ride. Could it be that, in my old age(30), I've gone soft?