07 June 2006


I like looking a pictures. I understand pictures better than words. www.kajak.nu is a great website for looking at pictures. Good for me, because I can't read any of the words. I'm not even sure what language. They have some of the best kayak related photos I have seen though. The banner at the top of the page is random, and is worth refreshing several times just to view. Don't stop there though, go to the blog and scroll down and check out all of the photos.


Erik said...

If you click on "upplevt/pictures" there are some more pictures from various trips the last years.

The language is swedish.

Erik Sjostedt

Wenley said...

Thanks for the tip, Richard. I knew Kayak.nu, but the photos had gone unnoticed.
These Swedish have a taste for beatiful, expensive boats and equipment.
Very good pictures, Erik!

FH2O said...

Thanks Richard - I'm going there in a flash!