01 July 2006

Holiday Paddling

Here is a picture of the tennis ball for Derrick. There really are deer at the edge of the lake, and I tried to get a picture of them, but as I got closer, they just melted into the grass.
I started to make some changes to the rigging on my kayak. I had wanted to get a new, fancier (read more expensive) compass that would at least look more professional, but as I got to looking around for a new compass, there really are not very many choices for kayaks. So I kept looking to see what everyone else seems to be using just for ideas, and I found out that some pretty big names out there are using the same little Suunto Orca as me. Not only do they own one, but they have been using them on some pretty big kayaking trips. Renata uses one, Wendy uses one, and sometimes you can even find them on some pretty nice looking creations as well. So the compass stays, and I'm a little more proud of it as well. I have also added some beads to bungies as well as deck lines to make stuffing things like paddles and fingers under them a lot easier.
I went for a long paddle this morning. About five hours total. I wanted to get in some quality holiday paddling before the lakes got totally crazy with high speed power boat traffic. I was on the water by 9:30 am and paddled west under the little stone bridge, and the kayak felt good. I started out right with my best forward stroke, including straight arms, loose grip, and plenty of torso rotation. I amazed myself with the speed. As I exited the "tunnel" I was reminded of the Cadillac commercial where the car explodes from its tunnel with a bang, and we are left only with the sound of a brass shell casing bouncing on the concrete.

Oh yeah, watching three "red-neck" ladies in string bikinis (two of which were very pregnant) back a boat trailer down the boat ramp this morning was particularly entertaining as well. I know dey was red necks by tha way dey talked, tha cussin required, an by tha quantity, quality, an location of dar tatoos. Makes me smile just to think about it.

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