11 July 2006

Close Call

I had a close call tonight. As I rolled to a stop at this road construction site, the minivan coming up the road behind me must not have been paying attention. When I looked in the rear view mirror, I didn't even have time to flinch. As I watched the driver of the minivan whip the wheel to the right, it went sliding past me with all four wheels locked up and making the gravel fly. The minivan finally came to a stop further forward than I was, but luckily for them, still not fully in the ditch. The driver then simply put the van in reverse and backed up behind me and then pulled back in line. Wow! The poor flagman never moved his feet, but did at least look up. I wonder how many other close calls he has seen? Enough to make him have nerves of steel, or is the job so dull as to make him numb to screeching tires?


JSteih said...

I Hate Mini Vans!

FH2O said...

That was close!
Glad that you're untouched.

The flagman is probably already 'dead' a long time ago ... *sigh*