15 April 2006


What a beautiful day. 80 degrees F air temp and 56 degrees F water temp. I was surprised that the water has warmed even that much. First time out paddling this season (pool sessions don't count). I tried out my Greenland paddle as well. I will have to sign up for a beginning Greenland class at the WMCKA symposium at the end of May, just to figure out how this thing is supposed to work. I even remembered the spf15, but now I have some funny tan lines.


bonnie said...

Hey! 56 degree water? Your water is warmer than mine. That's just wrong. I'm supposed to be out of my drysuit well before you guys up north.

Anonymous said...

Spring.....come out and paddle

Sunday, May 21

Shiawassee River Paddle Event

Holly to Fenton Canoe/Kayak 7 miles

a.) Leisure paddlers and families welcome

b.) Canoes available for rental thru Heavners Canoe Rental onsite that day.



Registration on site will begin at 10am
but advance registration at a reduced entry fee is preferred.

Hosted by Head Waters Trails Inc.

Willi Gutmann
Willi_H2O @ Yahoo.Com
586 - 215 - 6387 cell

Mike J said...

Nice boat! Nice to see you have a Gulfstream too. I also use a greenland paddle most of the time here in Victoria BC.

Richard said...

Mike J, nice to hear from you. I like my Gulfstream alot. It is one of the last of the great ones - it still sports a red maple leaf. Still trying to figure out the greenland paddle thing though.