23 April 2006


Here is my usual put-in. N42°11.587' W84°16.511' A short walk with my portage wheels from my house.

This also happens to be the last photo from my Pentax Optio WP. It seems to have stopped working. I can turn it on, but it does not display an image on the screen. I read through all of the troubleshooting procedures, and I cannot find a solution. It will display each of the different view options, but will not show what I am actually trying to take a picture of. So I press the button, and the flash goes off, even in bright daylight, and it takes a black picture. I guess I will have to send it in for service.

I may not have many new pictures for a while. I have a disposable film camera that I have started to use in the interim, but its not going to be the same.

Has anyone else had any problems with their Optio?


bonnie said...

oh, dear, no - as I just said in response to your comment, all those flower pictures I took in the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens in the rain this weekend were taken with my Pentax Optio WP. I've had mine quite a bit longer than yours, too, I think - I got mine last July, if I remember correctly.

Richard said...

I got it last November. It has taken some really nice pictures for me so far. I figure this is just going to be a little down time until I get it fixed. Should be back, good as new.

FH2O said...

Know what? I have the exact same camera!
Once I asked someone to take a photo of me and this happened. I thought d camera was 'stuffed' but later i found out that if u press the center "OK" button the screen goes blank. Press it again n the screen display comes back!
I hope that this is what happened to your camera! :)

Richard said...

Sadly no. I double checked all of the troubleshooting suggestions, and toggled through the many different viewing screens, and still no luck. I just finished wrapping it up in bubble wrap and carefully packing it in an oversized box, and I will be heading for the post office on my lunch break. Thanks for the suggestion though.