03 April 2006

My New Greenland Paddle

Finish sanded and ready for epoxy on the tips and a couple of coats of tung oil. I still need to burn my initials and the date into it also. It turned out pretty good, and I'm happy with it.


bonnie said...

Looks nice!

How's spring coming along there in Michigan?

Richard said...


Today was cold, gray, blustery, and a little rainy. You can see that the grass is just barely trying to start growing in the pics. The ice is gone off the lakes, but the water temp is still in the thirties. I'm not confident enough to get out on them just yet.

Wenley said...

Beautiful kayak colours Richard!

Richard said...

Thanks Wenley,
British Racing Green on top(cuts down on sun-glare induced headaches), and International Distress Signal(mango)on the bottom. I hope that I never need to show the orange for very long.