14 April 2006

Miners Castle Revisited

This is some new news from the great white north.

Miners Castle is eroding. Here is what it looked like the last time I saw it.

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Anonymous said...

Bummer. But the comparison photos on that page show something even more important: if you look to the base of the castle the water level appears to be a foot lower than in 2003! Is that right? I know the last time I paddled into the cave at the base the port hole was just barely above the water level. I had a neat experience with the wave action filling the cave and raising and lowering the water level inside.

It's definitely something to keep in mind while paddling along that coast.

Miners castle may be the most interesting thing to see if you're a landlubber but as kayakers we always have the best views to the most beautiful spots. Some of which are on Grand Island.

I think I'll be taking a trip up there this summer.

Matt Johnson