06 January 2008

Finally Home

Last Day in the Hospital
This is Claire just before we loaded-up to go home. She sure is a lot cuter without all of the wires and tubes.
Going Home
Ready for her first car ride. It's good to have everybody home together.


Gambino said...

Glad to hear everyone is doing well, and home safe.

BTW, I like your design site. I'll link you once I finish mine!


Brett said...

I'm glad to see she's come home. Can't wait to see more posts as she sprouts! :)

Richard said...

Thanks guys.

bonnie said...


Silbs said...

Claire, you are gorgeous. You will break many hearts and give you dad gray hair.

bonnie said...

hey, totally OT, but you heard about Greg Barton, right?

just thought the Michigan kayakers should know (and vote!!)

pass the word!