09 March 2008

No GORP for you!

There is only one real way to find out if a kid is allergic to peanuts. Just make sure you have benadryl on hand and several hours available to spend at the local ER. Ah... the joys and terror of being a parent.

The sample next to the "N" (for nuts) is a positive for peanut allergy.


Silbs said...

Have a daughter like that myself. Of course, she is 27 and married, which should tell us that we can survive parenthood :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome to my world! At least nuts are nuts...try Gluten (wheat, barley, malt, spelt, semolina, and about a hundred other names for it.)
Glad to hear she's okay - holding them down isn't a lot of fun is it?

Ron said...

I think surviving parenthood is tougher on the parents, than the kids!

derrick said...

nice, I discovered an allergy to mold that way. what fun!