31 December 2007

Claire Elise

Claire NICU
OK, here is some good news. This is our new baby Claire Elise. She was born 29 December 2007. She is 18.5 inches long, and 6lbs 5oz. She wasn't doing very well inside mommy, so she needed to come out about a month early. Because she was born early, her breathing is not as good as the doctors would like on her own, so she is spending a few days in the NICU on O2. Otherwise, she and mommy are doing great, and we hope to bring Claire home soon.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Richard and Yvette, Claire is beautiful. We can't wait til we can hold her!

Granny and Papa

FH2o said...

Congratulations and looking forward to a better pic of Claire soon!


Brett said...

Just saw this post. I pray the hospital stay was smooth and short and all of the Stein's are back home enjoying a New Year.

Silbs said...

What a blessing. Congratulations.