21 February 2006

Rolling 101

I am so excited. I am going to go paddling this Sunday. Paddling in a pool anyway. I have signed up for a rolling class with Black Parrot Paddling. I haven't been in my kayak since October, and it looks like it will probably be at least another month before I can paddle outdoors again. The pool will be a very welcome alternative. I am looking forward to learning how to roll with much anticipation. I have only rolled a whitewater kayak once before, and that was in a pond with a whitewater guide watching and giving encouragment while I had a paddlefloat on the paddle. Every time that I tried it without the float, the paddle would just dive, and I wasn't even close. Of course looking back now, I didn't give myself many useful advantages, like nose plugs or goggles (why be bothered with the extra weight on my head?), and I was using a one-piece whitewater paddle with only a 45 degree feather....oh yeah, the coach was left-handed (I'm right-handed), and everything either looked backwards or felt backwards to me.....ha,ha,ha, it was a nobel effort on both mine and the instructor's behalf. I think Sunday will be much more productive.


FH2O said...

Have a 'rock n roll' sunday!

And nice close up photo of your Gulfstream!

derrick said...

Good luck! Take it slow and easy and it will come.

Richard said...

Thanks for the support guys.