17 February 2006

King Kong

Yet another picture from our honeymoon in Hawaii. We were "sailing" along the Na Pali coast. I say sailing because technically it was a sail boat, but because of time constraints and wind direction, we motored all most all of the trip. Sailing on a fixed schedule should be a crime. It was a catamaran, and the tour group touted the benefits being how stable they are. I would say stable = rough. It felt like 30 miles of bad road. Give me a deep keel anyday, I would rather roll with the swells.

Can you see King Kong's profile?


Ignacio Wenley Palacios said...

What a honeymoon! That must be love.

bonnie said...

Loving every picture! Yes, I see Kong! Pretty funny!

Too bad about the sail - we end up doing that more than we like to on the schooner (motoring that is) - our mission is to get every boatload of passengers to the Statue of Liberty in 2 hours - the more we get to sail, the better we like it!