27 February 2006


I really hurt today. All over my body, sore muscles and bruises. The rolling class that I took yesterday was great, and after some really good instruction and set up, I was able to complete a couple of rolls with help from Ron Smith the instructor. It was a great confidence builder. A couple of times when Ron told me to do it all myself, I kind of psyched myself out, rushed it, didn't use my head (for its mental abilities or counter balance) and blew it, but I think I can work that out. I may not have a roll yet, but I am very close. I have had a taste of success. With more practice and help this spring and summer, I hope to have one before autumn. I need to lose some more weight, especially around the middle, and I need to improve my flexibility, and abdominal strength so that my set up is easier to get into. It felt good to get back into the Gulfstream for the first time in more than four months. Almost there.


bonnie said...

Personally I find it's better to use the head as a counterbalance - one of the things I kinda like about rolling is that it's one of the few things I can do where I actually quit thinking & just do.

derrick said...

That weight thing is funny. I felt that same way when I was learning. Of course I dropped almost 80 lbs. But after I learned to roll, then abdominal strength became less and less of an issue. Technique will in time over-ride strength. Flexibility on the other hand . . Time for Yoga!!

Bonnie's right though, it really comes together when you stop thinking about it. :)

Richard said...

Bonnie, I knew and figured out that head position is a requirement, but I struggled anyway. The couple of times that I got it right, my head was down all the way through, and I was relaxed.

Derrick, Yoga huh? I don't know anything about it. Seems to be too much information available on the web. Any suggestions?

Thanks for the encouragment. I really am close. I will get this.