15 June 2008

Sleep testing doesn't actually involve sleeping.

(really ugly photo of author deleted)

I may be the poster child for sleep apnea. What a miserable night.

My wife complains that I snore very loudly.

My cardiologist wants to know if it is causing me problems with my heart.

All those little electrodes stuck on my head created little hot spots that started hurting about 4:00am. The CPAP (a little nose mask that provides pressurized air to keep my airway open) started squeezing my head to the point that it felt like it was in a vise. at 5:00am they had enough info that we could stop the test, and I could go home. I was glad to get outta there.

I hate hospitals.


Jon said...

Haven't gone there yet.
Wife says the same about me.
She went thru it for restless leg. Told me about it.. guess what :)

bonnie said...

oh gosh...I was a hospital volunteer one summer and I ended up working in a pulm lab. They mostly ran the sleep tests at night but they explained the whole process to me, showed me all the electrodes...I couldn't imagine how people actually slept with all that stuff on.

And now, 25 years later, thanks to you, I know the answer.