05 July 2007

Zooomr is Winning

Chelsea Public Library Light
Sorry, I haven't been kayaking much. The whole family has been fighting a cold. Just photography lately. Zooomr still has some bugs, but I like the member community better than Flickr. Check out some of my latest work here.


Silbs said...

Excellent. Fish eye lens?

Richard said...

Sort of. I used my Optio WP. The light was in a stair well, so I was able to get on the same level, and fairly close. Even at 3X zoom the Optio is still wide angle. I got lucky with this photo. I left the little Optio on full-auto (no flash), and just snapped the picture, without any further thought. This image is what I found later when I uploaded it to the computer. It looks better than it did in person!