30 May 2007

Zooomr is Down....Still

Zooomr is down and I am bummed. I don't know when it will be back up, and I am considering switching to Flickr. It seems like everybody with photos on the web has a Flickr account, but I like Thomas and Kris, the guys that run Zooomr. I like their photographic style, and general "coolness", but even they have Flickr acounts, which doesn't say too much for Zooomr. I guess I'm going to hold my breath for a couple more days and see what happens.


Trevor Carpenter said...

Bear with us. The ZooomrNation is strong and committed. Many of the users who've been with Zooomr for more than a few months have seen a lot, and yet we stick with them.

Zooomr has the greatest potential to offer you the greatest community for you and your photography.

We will survive!

exdeadman said...

it's ok to have a backup site to showcase your images, just for situations like this richard.

give flickr a chance and then let all of us faithful readers know which one has been more reliable and met your everyday needs.

i'm still waiting to see your new fotos.

come into the light, i'll save you a seat.