21 January 2007

Big City

My first time in New York. A business trip. Did a little site seeing. It was a great opportunity for this packaging designer to see some great inspirations. Toured the Museum of Modern Art, 5th Ave window "shopping", the Empire State Building, a couple of big design firms, the Paramount Hotel, Times Square, Moss, Karim Rashid, FAO Schwartz, the Apple store, St. Peters Cathedral. Lots of walking, more than I am used to anyway. I rode a subway, and hailed a cab, all by myself.


bonnie said...

hey, that looks familiar!

Richard said...

It's a really big place. No way I was going to be able see it all. My wife would like to go there for a vacation sometime.

bonnie said...

Yup. I think the way I have managed to remain sane here is by just ignoring the 98% that's not immediately relevant to me!

In fact I think that's how most people do. Takes some acclimatizing before you can do it well.

I guess the cool part is that even though you may ignore the irrelevant 98% - you still know it's there to go play with if you want it.