21 November 2006

Small World

It seems that videos of kayak rolling are in high demand. Here is a video of Alex Pak, I believe, unless I am mistaken, from across the Atlantic. I have found that the Internet is very useful for someone like myself who only reads, writes, and speaks a single language. So long as there is an online translator, I can read blogs from all over the world. It is continuing to become smaller and smaller every day. Here is the translated "kayak of sea: The kayak-blog of Oli". Here is the translated "The Life is to Whistle" blog of Carlos. Each of these blogs are viewed better in their native language, as the pictures, the grammar, and the page formats are much more pleasing to the eye. I only use the translator after I have viewed the pics first. Here are the links to the blogs in there native languages: kayak de mer: Le kayak-blog d'Oli and La vida es silbar.


Oli29 said...

Thanks for the post, it's always a great pleasure to see that peoples read your blog!
i don't have so much comments on mine but it's a way to continue !

Alex said...

Hey Richard, thanks for that link. Kayaking's a ridiculously small world! It's cool to thing that people thousands of miles away are enjoying a little video that my friend took of me at a pool session. :)