08 October 2006

Last Paddle?

I hope today is not the last paddle for the season. The air was cool, but the sun was hot. The water was not unbearable to wade in, but I don't want to go swimming in it. Thermometer read 65 deg F water temp. There has already been a little frost on the pumpkins on a couple of mornings.

Our baby Madeline, is on the way, only five more weeks to go. Winter is just around the corner. I had better make the most of every day like today.


FH2o said...

Yes, man. Go and enjoy!

Marek said...

It looks a little bit nostalgic ...

In Colorado I usually manage to paddle year around.

Please note that I am migrating with my "padling and photography" blog to a new location and name (paddling with a camera): http://photokayaker.fit2paddle.com/

bonnie said...

Do you know, I just came over here thinking "They must be having a baby one of these days soon". I was actually going to ask when that was likely to be.

Hope you can squeeze in a few more fall paddles!

Richard said...

We're getting excited about the baby.

I plan to paddle this upcoming weekend.

It's warmer now, but it did snow a little last week. No accumulation, just flurries.